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Download EPLClick to Download it (5.7Mb)

For prices on other versions see bottom of this page


PC specification requirements

Pentium CPU, 16Mb of Ram, 20Mb free Hard disk space, Windows 95, and at least 800x600 video display.

Want more technical Information - Download EPL Readme (12kB)- complete technical manual as shipped with the product.


Evaluation copy (25 records) send £5 ($9) to cover Disks + Postage - why not download it for FREE

100 Record version £15 ($28)

250 Record version £30 ($50)

10,000 Record version £75 ($125)

When requesting upgrades it will be assumed that you have already installed the evaluation version - only an update disk will be sent.

If you have a specific requirement for greater than 10,000 records, then please talk to us. Likewise if you would like the program to do something extra, then we will look at how we can help. As EPL is modified the latest version will be available first on this website, see the next section for any comments.

EPL version record

V1.1 6th May 1998 - Initial Release

Whether you want to use all or some of our services we don't mind - contact us with your requirements or problems to see if we can help.

E-Mail Sales@Tadea.co.uk

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